Truck firm sues V-Line over crash with train

Mahonys Transport Services is suing V-Line for negligence it alleges contributed to a crash between a truck and train at Pirron Yallock last year. A magistrate cleared the truck driver of any wrongdoing in the collision.

The trucking company involved in a crash with a train at Pirron Yallock last year is taking legal action against V-Line.

Mahonys Transport Services is suing V-Line citing the condition of the Phalps Road level crossing for contributing to the crash in July last year which derailed the Warrnambool-bound passenger train.

A magistrate in April found the truck driver not at fault for the crash, with police withdrawing careless driving charges against him, and magistrate Ann McGarvie dubbed the crash a “pure accident”.

The driver had serious injuries following the crash and 18 train passengers sustained minor injuries.

The truck company lodged a writ with the Supreme Court on September 29 alleging that V-Line was aware the crossing was dangerous but failed to complete safety upgrades.

The company says it has suffered a loss of $360,000 with damages to the prime mover and its trailer.

The State Government had planned to upgrade the level crossing before the crash and fast-tracked the work installing boom gates, lights and bells and sealing the road on either side of the crossing after the incident.

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