College basketballer among new recruits

Former American college basketballer Jacob Pupavac is among the Colac Kookas’ new recruits for the 2017-18 Country Basketball League season, which starts this weekend.

A 205-centimetre former American college basketballer is among the new faces to join the Colac Kookas for the upcoming Country Basketball League season.

Colac coach Keith Harrison has signed Geelong’s Jacob Pupavac, 20, following a two-year stint with the University of Newhaven in Connecticut, while teenage state representative guard Marko Vekic, 17, has also come on board.

Both players played under Harrison with Geelong club Christian College alongside Colac’s Matthew Lloyd, and in the Geelong Supercats’ Division One team with Colac’s Lewie Varley.

Harrison said both recruits had “extremely” bright futures in the sport and were set for big seasons in the CBL.

“Both of these guys could be anything if they put the work in,” he said.

“They’ve both played state basketball over the years and they’re the kind of guys that will be getting invited to NBL combines and those sort of things in the coming years, they’re young men and they’re very coachable.”

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