Trader wants bike ride to benefit Apollo Bay

The Amy’s Gran Fondo cycling event will close roads in the region this weekend.

An Apollo Bay business leader says future support of a major cycling event depends on whether the event benefits the town this weekend.

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo The Great Ocean Road Ride is a weekend cycling event which involves about 12,000 cyclists who ride various routes along the Great Ocean Road and inland roads.

The cycling event causes road closures at Lorne, along the Great Ocean Road and areas in and surrounding Apollo Bay including between Hardy Street and Skenes Creek, Forrest-Apollo Bay Road, Turtons Track and the Barham River Road.

Apollo Bay Chamber of Commerce vice president John Riches said he believed organisers had listened to Apollo Bay residents’ concerns about the negative impact road closures had on the town and had accommodated concerns by hosting more races at Apollo Bay to make it more beneficial for the town.

“The Fondo encloses all the access roads into Apollo Bay through the hills and along the coast, and there’s been a fair bit of concern expressed about that,” he said.

“Apart from the business community the other general community don’t like the event because it dramatically interferes with the ability to get in and out of the Bay.

“But it does appear that this year the Gran Fondo organisers worked to improve and help the situation.”

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo events at Apollo Bay include a CycloCross ride on Saturday and a Family Fondo ride on Sunday.

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2 Responses to “Trader wants bike ride to benefit Apollo Bay”

  1. Dave

    Best to plan the weekend around this event.
    Otherwise we are locked in our properties due to the roads being closed for several hours on the Sunday.
    Just too bad,if you are not informed of the event.
    Sincerely trust The Amy Gillett Foundation is able to encourage these riders to improve their road safety game.

  2. Juggy

    All I ever hear on the street from locals, along the coast and in connecting towns, is how these events have a ‘negative’ affect on their trade and personal lives.