Snow blankets Colac district

Mason Williamson made the most of the cold weather yesterday by making a snowman with snow that fell at Ferguson.

Snow has fallen throughout the Colac district with a cold snap bringing dustings of snow to low-lying areas.

Forecasters predicted snowfall at 300 metres above sea level, but snow fell at Lorne, 15 metres elevation, and Winchelsea, about 90 metres above sea level, and in Otways townships including Beech Forest.

The cold snap brought low temperatures throughout the region with Mount Gellibrand’s weather station recording 1.1 degrees Celsius at 3.45pm on Monday, which “felt like” minus 12.8 degrees, with wind gusts of up to 91 kilometres an hour.

Cape Otway’s temperature rose to 9.5 degrees at lunchtime yesterday but apparent temperatures remained mostly at minus 1 to 2 degrees.

Otways resident Niomie Kidd said Wyelangta residents woke to a dusting of about 20 centimetres of snow yesterday morning.

Ms Kidd said her children Jenevieve and Xavier Crabbe enjoyed the region’s first snowfall that provided ground coverage, before catching the school bus to Lavers Hill K-12 College.

“The bus came through, they wanted a snow day, but up at the Lavers Hill school they’ve actually got snow there,” she said.

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