Sailor longs to return to lake

Pam Cuthbertson wants Lake Colac full again, and she’s taking her fight to former Colac Otway chief and new Barwon Water CEO Tracey Slatter.

Passionate Lake Colac advocate Pam Cuthbertson says it’s time for Colac to band together to get the lake back to its former glory.

Pam says Colac’s treatment of the lake over the years has been “shameful” but the community has the chance to make things right now by harvesting water from the Otways to fill Lake Colac.

“Ask anyone who lives at Weeaproinah, Beech Forest or Lavers Hill and they’ll tell you there is a lot of rain,” she said.

“It’s not going to cost anyone anything, it comes into Colac, it gets piped in, there’s no one that’s going to be disadvantaged, not a soul.

“When it’s flooding down the Carlisle, and it does flood down there, those people would be delighted to let us have some water and get rid of some.”

Pam said now was a “golden opportunity” to fill the lake while we have excess water, and once it was full all we would have to do is maintain it.

“I don’t want water when people need drinking water or stock water, all we need is now, when we’ve got the golden opportunity, because it’s absolutely leaching out of everything.

“You only need those few months of running water into the lake, it only needs 6000 megalitres to maintain the lake.

“Once we get those 6000 megalitres, we can say ‘right, we’ve got what we need, now we just have to maintain it’.”

Pam said she planned to speak with former Colac Otway Shire Council chief Tracey Slatter, Barwon Water’s new chief executive officer, in order to get things happening to fill the lake.

“When she came to Colac I wanted to show her Colac from the outside looking in,” she said.

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