Road concerns for Birregurra

Birregurra resident Bob Gambino is disappointed in the lack of infrastructure projects and road maintenance in the growing tourist town. He says motorists regularly become bogged when parking beside the road.

A Birregurra man says visitors to the town should be able to park on the side of the road without bogging their vehicle.

Barry Street resident Bob Gambino said he had to help a man move his car after it became bogged across the road from his house just a couple of weeks ago.

Mr Gambino said bogging was common for visitors to the town which has become a popular tourist destination in Colac Otway Shire.

He said he wanted Colac Otway Shire Council to spend more money on maintaining the roads at Birregurra and improving the town’s infrastructure, including at least one footpath along every street.

“The investment in infrastructure hasn’t kept up with how the town is going,” Mr Gambino said.

“Birregurra is going ahead, years ago you wouldn’t see a car in the main street on the weekend, now it’s hard to find a park it’s getting that busy,” he said.

“And as the weather warms up there’s people everywhere and this is bringing tourists in.

“They’ve spent money in the area but not in the town; the town is the more important area because it’s where the people walk and look around.”

Mr Gambino said more road maintenance was also crucial to ensure the roads didn’t degrade too much in wet winter months.

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