Researchers step up search for panthers

Queenslander Vaughan King is part of the next generation of big cat enthusiasts to hunt for evidence that the enigmatic “Otways’ panther” exists.

Queenslander Vaughan King has based himself in the Colac district as he joins fellow researchers to “prove beyond a shadow of a doubt” that big cats exist in Australia.

The Australian Big Cat Research Group founder has travelled Australia-wide over the past 12 months and is now in the Otways investigating reports of big cat sightings.

Mr King is also involved in the production of a new documentary which follows big cat researchers Simon Townsend and John Turner on “a lifelong journey to prove big cat existence in Australia”.

Stories of sightings of the infamous “Otways’ panther” have graced the pages of the Herald for decades and more recently attracted widespread interest on social media, with Mr King keen for more locals to share their big cat experiences to assist his research.

“Geelong company Robot Army Productions is filming an upcoming documentary called The Hunt, with big cat researchers Simon Townsend and John Turner,” he said.

“They are a wealth of knowledge, and their experience and dedication to this topic is second to none.

“Simon was only 15 when he started and is now in his 60s, and the documentary follows their journey as researchers and now passing on the baton to us.

“It’s filmed predominantly in the Otways, which is quite the hotspot for big cat sightings.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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