Potholes rupture cars’ tyres

Pomborneit farmer Ray Hay wants road authorities to improve Colac and district roads.

A Colac district motorist has firsthand experience of the damage the district’s dodgy roads can do, with his car and his brother’s car falling victim.

Pomborneit farmer Ray Hay said a pothole on a road near Berrybank caused a tyre on his Mercedes to blow and snap the wheel.

Mr Hay said the force was so hard his airbags deployed and left him without a car for about eight weeks earlier this year.

He said his brother’s BMW had a tyre blow on the Princes Highway between Pirron Yallock and the Stony Rises after he hit a dangerous pothole.

Mr Hay said a tyre on his brother’s car costs about $1200 to replace and he had to have the car towed back to Melbourne.

The farmer said he believed the roads in south-west Victoria were some of the worst in the country and believed people should be able to expect a safe drive along a major road such as the Princes Highway.

“Through the south-west there’s numerous major roads that are dangerous,” Mr Hay said.

“I’m a farmer, I buy and sell cattle, and I travel around the south-west roads a lot and right through to the South Australian border the roads are dangerous,” he said.

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One Response to “Potholes rupture cars’ tyres”

  1. Juggy

    People need to be careful on the Carlisle Rd between Stones Rd (sweeping bend) and Irrewillipe Rd… some very rough patches. Also G.O.R near Tills Sand Pit (between Simpson Rd and Princetown)… rough patches.
    Just about to contact VicRoads now. 🍀💩👍🏻