Former MP leads taskforce

Warncoort resident and former Polwarth MP Terry Mulder will co-chair a Great Ocean Road Taskforce which aims to simplify the road’s existing management system.

Former Polwarth MP Terry Mulder says he aims to find the “best possible outcome” for the Great Ocean Road’s governance as a co-chair of a new taskforce.

Terry Mulder and Peter Batchelor will co-chair a Great Ocean Road Taskforce which aims to simplify the region’s governing bodies and recommend a co-ordinated approach to managing the Great Ocean Road.

The taskforce will include G21 chief executive Elaine Carbines, former chair of the Victorian Coastal Council Diane James AM, Great Ocean Road Tourism chair Wayne Kayler-Thomson and the chief executives from five shire councils.

Mr Mulder said a simplified management system would provide “better and faster outcomes” in relation to tourism opportunities, development and conservation.

“We’re losing opportunities and we’re losing the ability to develop tourism because it’s just too hard dealing with all of these different agencies,” the former Roads Minister said.

“There are round about 30 different bodies or agencies that have a say in what happens with the Great Ocean Road.

“There have been a lot of people frustrated about the time it takes to get decision because of the multiple agencies and there has been no real co-ordinating body sitting at the top of those agencies to ensure that projects are acted on and the best opportunities are taken advantage of.”

Mr Mulder said the taskforce would work with existing bodies and agencies to define a governance model which would benefit the region’s most popular tourist attraction.

“The difficulty in the past has been has been getting timely decision making in relation to tourism opportunities and development; to be able to channel that through a single body will make the decision-making process a lot simpler and a lot more timely,” he said.

Mr Mulder said getting consensus from the varying bodies would be a “challenge” but he was confident the taskforce would find an appropriate solution.

“I’ve got an interest in the Great Ocean Road, I have had for a very long period of time,” he said.

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