Dash cam captures another near miss at notorious corner

Truck driver Wayne Conn’s dashboard camera captured yet another near miss with a vehicle illegally going through the intersection of the Princes Highway and Tomahawk Creek Road.

A Colac truck driver’s dash cam has filmed a terrifying near miss with a car at the notorious “blue church” intersection.

Wayne Conn was driving his b-double truck east on the Princes Highway last month when a car approaching the intersection on Tomahawk Creek Road failed to stop.

The video shows the car driving straight through the intersection before abruptly stopping in the middle of the west-bound lane of the highway.

Wayne took evasive action to avoid hitting the vehicle, swerving into the emergency lane, and said he was luckly that he had slowed down when he saw the car approaching the intersection.

This is the second near miss Wayne has captured on his dash cam with the Colac Herald reporting on the previous incident in April.

Wayne carts logs for Clearwater Logging and installed the dash cam, in his truck after two incidents in two weeks at the same intersection.

He said the car was travelling at a “fair rate of knots” when he was approaching the intersection and the driver appeared to be unaware the intersection was there.

“I did see that guy coming, so I got off the accelerator, I was slowing down so I got on the brakes but you can’t brake too hard when you’ve got a bit of traffic behind you,” Wayne said.

“But I was slowing down because I thought he might not stop, and he did he drove straight out,” he said.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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