Colac truck museum needs help to open

Jason Schram is calling on charity organisations, sporting groups or schools to express their interest in managing a vintage truck museum in Colac.

Colac’s iconic Merv Brunt Truck Museum could re-open to the public if volunteers step forward to manage the centre.

Colac Otway Shire councillor Jason Schram is calling on community volunteers to help keep a “value-adding” collection in Colac.

Mr Schram, who is acting spokesperson for the person who bought Merv Brunt’s collection of vintage trucks, said he was calling on volunteer organisations, schools or sporting clubs to express their interest in opening the vintage truck museum in Clark Street, behind Colac Showgrounds.

The late Merv Brunt’s truck collection sold to an unknown Western District buyer earlier in the year and is currently not on public display.

Mr Brunt’s wish was for the collection of 40 restored vintage trucks, three of which are more than 100 years old, to remain together in Colac.

Mr Schram said the community had an opportunity to keep the important asset within Colac, which could promote tourism to the region.

“I think we need to get someone to run it or it’s another thing we possibly could lose,” he said.

“Colac doesn’t have lot of things at the moment especially tourist attractions; its value adds to Colac.

“I think that it’s something that trucking people all across Australia would like to come and see, and if we can help preserve it; better we try than to lose it forever.

“Once a group does open it and establish regular open times, promoted properly it could be a huge attraction.

“When Lindsay Fox came up, he spoke of the importance of it; one of the biggest trucking magnates in the world came up and visited the museum saying how fantastic it would be for Colac.

“We’re lucky enough a local person has bought them and bought the shed.”

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