Tyres screwed after road spill

Colac’s Tyrepower’s Matt Newcombe has been busy this week after a screw spill at a busy Colac intersection caused dozens of flat tyres at the weekend.

Colac tyre dealers were busy after a major screw-up at a Colac intersection that left Colac district residents feeling deflated.

Motorists reported flat tyres and loose screws spilt at the intersection of Connor and Scott streets in Colac last Friday night, and Colac’s Tyrepower’s Luke Monteith said annoyed residents started arriving at the workshop Saturday morning.

“We didn’t know Saturday morning, but then we started to see a lot more of the same screws popping up in people’s tyres,” he said.

“We started getting a lot on Saturday morning, but we mainly had people in Monday morning, we started seeing a lot that people had picked up over the weekend.

“But then Monday morning we heard about it, that there was this big spillage across the road.”

Mr Monteith said Tyrepower had more than 40 customers over the five days following the spill, with people needing puncture repairs or replacement tyres for their vehicles.

“I know theres about 30 screws in Matt’s pile, plus the ones we threw out, so there’d be somewhere around the 40 to 50 mark of screws that we’ve taken out,” he said.

“It’s certainly kept us busy but there are a lot of upset people about.

“The majority of them have been repaired, but some people have driven too far with their flat tyre and wrecked them because they didn’t realise.

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