Persistence paying off for company founder

Zoe Hudgell, second from right, opened Colac’s Red Door Dance and Theatre Company at just 21 years of age. The company has been successful in 2017, and Zoe is pictured with the High School Musical production team, Georgie Leersen, Tessa Mahoney, Maddi Searle and Maddie Williamson.

Zoe Hudgell says the success of Colac’s Red Door Dance and Theatre Company is reflective of her persistence and the talent of Colac district performers.

Zoe opened Red Door in 2011 at just 21 years old, and said she never imagined the dance and theatre company to be selling out entire seasons of musicals, such as Red Door’s production of Grease, which sold out eight shows in February this year.

“I had no idea; it’s an exciting time for the arts in the Colac community,” she said.

“Everyone at Red Door has worked extremely hard over the past few years to get to where we are now and we are thrilled to see our hard work paying off.

“I am so grateful to be a part of a community that has been so supportive.”

But Zoe said it hadn’t been an easy journey.

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