Mansion work progresses

Balnagowan Lifestyle Village developer Leigh Rich hopes to have an open day at Balnagowan mansion next month.

Balnagowan Lifestyle Village developer Leigh Rich has reassured Colac’s community that development is on track and that he hopes to have an open day next month.

Mr Rich began development about five years ago to build a retirement village and restore Colac’s 126-year-old Balnagowan mansion to its former glory.

The first stage comprises 12 retirement units on Balnagowan’s grounds, with the mansion acting as a centrepiece for a retirement village.

The renovated mansion will include a cafe, a lounge, a craft room, a billiard room, fitness area and men’s shed.

Mr Rich said that during the past 12 months, development at Balnagowan Lifestyle Village was focused “heavily on the old mansion” and he had been working on importing a “special” glass from America to finish the windows.

“I think it’s important to open the old mansion and let people know that we’ve restored it and we’re in the middle of resorting it and it’s going to come back to its former glory,” he said.

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