Man’s lucky escape from shark at Lorne

A man’s surfboard was left with a bite mark after a shark attack.

A Lorne surfer has had a lucky escape after a shark attack yesterday morning left bite marks in his board and scratches on his back.

The surfer was out with five or six other surfers about 15 metres from the shore at Cathedral Rock, two kilometres east of Lorne.

Leading Senior Constable Mick Atkinson of Lorne police said the 37-year-old man believed it was a three-metre-long white pointer that attacked the group.

Sen Const Atkinson said the shark swam into the group twice, mouthing at the surfer twice and taking a bite of the surfer and his board.

“The surfer has a punctured wetsuit and he only had tiny little scratches on his back and the surfboard’s got some very nice chomp marks in it,” he said.

“So obviously having a couple of goes and not finding it to his liking they’ve all paddled in; no one required any medical attention.”

Sen Const Atkinson said Victoria Fisheries Authority and Parks Victoria received notification of the attack and had closed the beach and put up shark sighting signs.

He said the victim, a Swiss national who lives and works at Lorne, was “rather composed” after the attack and was “more composed than you would have imagined”.

“He surfs a lot and he’s seen sharks numerous times when he’s been out surfing, so I’m pretty confident when he says it’s a three-metre white pointer he’s probably on the money there.”

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