Turbine foundations in place

Sub-contractors spent eight hours pouring the concrete for the first wind-turbine foundation at the Mount Gellibrand wind farm.

The Mount Gellibrand wind farm has reached another milestone this week after workers poured the concrete foundation for the first wind turbine.

A team of about 15 worked for about eight hours to pour the concrete for the foundation into an area that is 326 square metres and used about 330 cubic metres of concrete.

Acciona project manager Andrew Tshaikiwsky said it was a great moment for the project.

“We are currently pouring the concrete foundations for the wind turbines, which is a major activity that will take approximately 22 weeks,” Mr Tshaikiwsky said.

“Various electrical and substation design works are also underway,” he said.

“In addition to the work taking place now, our major milestones still to come include the arrival of key components and the building of the turbines themselves, which will start in September.

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