Security system foils theft

Colac City Bowls Club manager Steve Cheater is disappointed after thieves ransacked his office as well as breaking into the Colac Tigers’ clubrooms and the Colac Youth Club building.

Colac’s City Bowls Club manager stopped thieves from stealing items at the club after his security system alerted him to a break-in.

Offenders targeted and damaged the bowls club, Colac Tigers’ football and netball clubrooms and Colac Youth Club on Monday night.

Bowls club manager Steve Cheater said that he disturbed one of the offenders at about 4.25am on Tuesday after he received an alert from his security company at 4.12am.

“When I turned the lights on one of them was walking down beside the bowling green of the club,” Mr Cheater said.

“I sort of came out the door and I must have given him a fright because he dropped the laptop and all of the keys,” he said.

The thieves broke into Mr Cheater’s office through a window and forced open a key cabinet, filing cabinets and cupboards as well as stealing keys and a laptop.

The thieves were unable to escape with any items but Mr Cheater said the cost of repairing the damage was frustrating.

“It’s all the tidy up and getting things through insurance and all of that sort of stuff,” he said.

Mr Cheater said it was a testament to the club’s security system that the thieves were unable to steal any items.

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One Response to “Security system foils theft”

  1. Gary MEWHA

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back to the days of stocks and have these low life on display for a week or two and supply their victims with unlimited rotten eggs, tomatoes etc.