Horserider tackling gruelling challenge

Birregurra’s Roberta MacLeod says she’s nervous and excited to take on one of the world’s longest and toughest horseraces, the Mongol Derby.

Birregurra’s Roberta MacLeod says she’s fearlessly facing one of the world’s longest and toughest horse races, the Mongol Derby, with a determination to face her challenges.

Roberta is one of 43 riders aged between 21 and 65 who will take on the 1000-kilometre adventure that retraces part of Chinggis Khaan’s postal system in the Mongolian wilderness.

Riders will face mountainous terrain, desert plains and cross rivers in temperatures which could reach 30 degrees Celcius during the day and drop to zero degrees at night.

Roberta said she chose to enter the race after she returned home from a leisurely horseriding trip in Mongolia last year feeling unsettled and unchallenged.

“I came home and got very, very restless very quickly and wanted to do something that was probably a little bit more challenging,” she said.

“Life was boring in general.

“My kids are now not at home, life moves on, and then just through some researching I came up with this idea.

“I thought ‘I’ve been to Mongolia, I know a little bit about what’s going on over there and I’m definitely up for it’.”

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One Response to “Horserider tackling gruelling challenge”

  1. Dave

    With Australia’s recent form,Roberta might start favourite. 🙂
    Enjoyed watching her filly race through the grades some years ago.
    Go get ’em!