Colac home market booming

Colac district realtors say Colac’s housing market is booming and continuing to grow. LJ Hooker Colac’s Wayne Mackrell says government incentives for first homebuyers will stimulate Colac’s sellers market.

Colac and district realtors say Colac’s property market is “booming” and government incentives for first homebuyers will mean Colac’s market strength will continue to grow.

First homebuyers became eligible for state and federal government incentives on July 1.

Incentives include a $20,000 first homeowners grant for first homebuyers buying a new home in regional Victoria for under $750,000, stamp duty exemption for first homebuyers who buy a house worth less than $600,000 and a salary-sacrifice initiative which allows first homebuyers to put up to $30,000 of their superannuation towards a house deposit.

Colac to Coast Real Estate’s Stuart Nelson said Colac’s real estate market “is by far the strongest the market has been in the 11 years that I have worked in real estate”.

“To give an example, our last seven sales have not even had time to be advertised and go to the market due to having buyers already waiting in our database,” he said.

“Colac is still considered to be very good value for money, and the strong Colac economy is certainly pushing prices up.

“Internet inquiries are the strongest they’ve ever been for Colac in my 11 years as an agent,” he said.

“There’s no sign of things slowing down, sometimes things do slow during the winter and wait for the spring, but there are no signs of that happening because inquiries and internet inquiries are at an all-time high.”

LJ Hooker Colac’s Wayne Mackrell said Colac was a “very affordable” market for first homebuyers.

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One Response to “Colac home market booming”

  1. Paul

    I know there has been a lot said about people getting into the housing market specially in Melbourne I am in the same situation as a friend down there, single on a low wage and the banks will not lend money to you, I was told to ‘get a partner or get married’ before they will think about lending money, unless you are on a higher income, so I hope it doesn’t end up the same here or else people like myself will be forced to rent because I plan on being single for the rest of my life by choice.