Gift helps with grieving

Monumental mason Bryan Stralow, who has recently moved to the Colac district, handcrafted two letters for Damian Black’s grave after reading a Herald article about thefts from Colac Cemetery. Damian’s mother Lorraine Black thanked Mr Stralow for his generous gift.

Elliminyt’s Lorraine Black says a heartfelt, handcrafted gift from a stranger has reminded her that “there are some really good people in this world”.

Lorraine discovered earlier this month that personal mementos left on her son Damian’s grave at Colac Cemetery on the second anniversary of his death had disappeared by the next day.

She told the Herald that the theft of two white letters, a ‘T’ for Triddium and an ‘M’ for Millen, and a coloured pinwheel which her daughter placed on the grave on behalf of Damian’s children had added to the difficulty of dealing with his death.

Damian, a 38-year-old theatre technician at Colac Area Health, died in May 2015 after a brain bleed but he helped save other lives by being an organ donor.

Lorraine said she hoped whoever removed the mementos from Damian’s grave would return them.

The personal items remain missing but Bryan Stralow, who has recently moved to the Colac district with his family, saw the Herald’s story and decided he could make a difference.

Bryan, who is a monumental mason, hand carved a ‘T’ and an ‘M’ in two pieces of Cororooke bluestone and donated them to Lorraine to replace the stolen letters.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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