Footballer’s new lease on life

South Colac’s Tim Speirs says reading a book a week has led to a significant change to his life, allowing him to take on challenges like pursuing a career at VFL level with North Ballarat. Speirs has played two VFL games with the Roosters, capping off a rapid rise through the ranks.

A dramatic transformation away from the football field has played a major role in Tim Speirs becoming the Colac district’s newest VFL export.

The popular South Colac midfielder decided to join Roos teammate Ben Cox at North Ballarat this year, with the pair earning a spot on the standalone VFL club’s list.

Speirs has played two games in the state league competition so far this season, following a rapid rise through the football ranks over the past 24 months.

The reliable Roo has fast become one of Colac district’s most prolific onballers.

He was on the cusp of interleague selection in 2015 before making the grade in 2016.

Speirs was one of the favourites for last year’s Jack Mahoney Medal as the CDFL’s best-and-fairest and he took out South’s major individual award in a grand final year for the club.

The 25-year-old said making a significant change to his outlook on life had ignited him to take on challenges like playing VFL footy.

Speirs’ journey started when he immersed himself in reading and attending seminars taken by motivational figures.

It led Speirs to create The Self-Help Society, a website aimed at encouraging people to reach their “absolute full potential in all aspects of life, and living a life full of purpose and passion”.

He also left his job at Bulla and is preparing to embark on a university degree in sport science.

“A couple of the mentors I followed online really expressed the fact that you’ve only got one life and I thought you don’t have much time so you better make the most of it,” Speirs said.

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