Mum praises hospital after airport seizure

Irrewillipe’s Chris and Paula Riches say the Royal Children’s Hospital has given their son Tom the treatment and support he needs to live a full life with epilepsy.

A Colac district mother says the Royal Children’s Hospital has played an integral role in helping her son live a full life with epilepsy.

Doctors diagnosed Paula Riches’ son Tom, 11, with epilepsy when he was 2.

She said Tom’s neurologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital Andrew Kornberg believed his epilepsy was under control about two years ago.

“He was going well for a really long time, but we went on a trip to England last year and when we were coming back from Singapore he suffered a really bad, different type of seizure,” she said.

Paula said Tom suffered a tonic clonic seizure, and emergency services took him to a Singaporean hospital’s intensive care unit.

She said Tom’s seizure lasted more than an hour, caused him to stop breathing and it was “horrendous” that she couldn’t help her son while he had the seizure.

Paula said she was “lucky enough” to have Tom’s doctor’s contact details and was able to communicate with Associate Professor Kornberg about Tom’s situation.

“Without his support we had at that time we would have been completely lost,” she said.

Paula said that when the family came home from their overseas trip “everything had changed” in regards to Tom’s medications.

She said Tom required emergency medications to carry with him and his family and carers needed training to be able to administer the drugs when needed.

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