Council review might stay secret

Colac’s Bluewater’s sports centre is set to host a diverse range of events including regional competitions, with the stadium redevelopment now complete.

But there are no guarantees that Colac Otway Shire ratepayers and residents will ever see a review of the $13,661,200 project or find out what went wrong with the new maple floor in the basketball stadium.

The possibility of legal proceedings between the shire council and project contractors, which the council previously said could help it recoup almost $800,000 in costs to replace the new maple floor with a new engineered timber floor, could stop the review becoming public.

But council chief Sue Wilkinson said that regardless of the review, the council had learnt from the Bluewater project and was focused on a “best-practice approach to budget and project management”.

The councillors had ordered a review of the overdue, over-budget redevelopment in September 2015, with former councillor Brian Crook gaining support when he said the review would be a good opportunity to give the community the “facts and not the hearsay”.

Cr Crook said at the time, that the council wanted “to explain to our ratepayers what caused this Bluewater project to take so long and cost so much money; to provide the facts”.

Councillors voted in October 2015 to support an independent review at a cost of $30,000 and a timeline which included a completion date of July 2016.

But Ms Wilkinson said contractual confidentiality and mediation between the council and contractors meant the community might never see the review.

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One Response to “Council review might stay secret”

  1. Juggy

    Haha… I called that way back then! Let’s see them prove me wrong about ‘fishy dealings’ with their mates and put the info out there.

    We all, as rate payers, have a right to know the truth behind the blow out.