Colac Coles project adding extra shops

Workers are well into construction of Colac’s new Coles supermarket and plaza development at the eastern end of Bromfield Street.

The new Colac Plaza shopping centre will be bigger than originally planned, with developers adding seven extra shops to the site.

Workers are well into the construction of a new Coles Supermarket on the corner of Bromfield and Queen streets in Colac, with precast concrete panels in place and most of the slab poured.

Colac Otway Shire Council approved the supermarket and four specialty stores in December 2015, but the developers have gained the council’s permission to expand the development to 11 specialty stores.

The new permit includes changing the layout of the original building, as well as constructing a second building with four extra stores on the south side of the site, backing onto the railway line.

The development will have 274 car parks instead of the original 250.

Council chief executive Sue Wilkinson yesterday confirmed the amended planning permit now covered a former house site next to the development, and included extra car parking, the new shops, and changes to the building façades and landscaping layout.

Ms Wilkinson said the council gave public notice of the proposal on January 5, and received one objection to the expansion.

But the objector formally withdrew the objection and the council issued an amended planning permit on March 8.

“Ninety-seven letters of notification were sent out to properties surrounding the application site and a sign was placed on Queen Street for 14 days,” Ms Wilkinson said.

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One Response to “Colac Coles project adding extra shops”

  1. Juggy

    Never heard anything of the changes until now. Why don’t Council use social media to advise people of such things??? It’s free and more people would get the news… or is that why they don’t. ?