Road unsafe for bikes: driver

This grainy image shows the truck as it swerves to avoid the cyclist on the Deans Marsh-Lorne Road. The action forces a school bus to stop.

A Deans Marsh man has renewed pleas for a ban on bike riding on the Deans Marsh-Lorne road.

Mark Fagan contacted the Colac Herald in 2011 with concerns about the safety of both cyclists and motorists on the road, and said the situation had escalated over the past six years.

“It’s gotten way worse,” he said.

“The encouragement to go through Deans Marsh to the Great Ocean Road as an alternative is seeing more tourist buses from Melbourne coming through, and the road’s just not wide enough.

“All this traffic is being encouraged to come down here, but they haven’t done anything about the road and they’re about to spend $50 million on the GOR, so the suggestion is why not spill some of that over to what they’re calling the alternative route.”

Mr Fagan said road closures during major cycling events failed to fix the issue because the teams still trained on the road before events.

“That’s the main issue; if they talk up closing the road and how these events are about education and safety, but what they don’t seem to realise is prior to the event, we have all these teams training in groups of up to 10 riders plus these support vehicles behind them,” he said.

“So going to Lorne you’ve got these bike riders going 20 kilometres max, and their support cars doing the same with double lines all the way making it illegal to overtake them.

“If I was to drive 20 kilometres an hour downhill so they were stuck behind me, if I wave them on they won’t pass me because they know it’s too dangerous.”

Mr Fagan said fellow campaigner and Deans Marsh bus driver Alex Lorenzi had close calls on his daily bus trip between Lorne and Deans Marsh, collecting footage of near misses with a dashboard camera.

“Our school bus driver has dash-cam footage of him driving a bus load of schoolkids coming up from Lorne, coming around a blind corner with semi-trailer overtaking a push bike,” he said.

“His only option was to smash on the breaks or have a head-on with the semi-trailer with a bus load of kids.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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5 Responses to “Road unsafe for bikes: driver”

  1. Chris

    I love cycling Deans to Lorne and Skenes. My two near death expetiences have come from local idiotswho have used their cars as weapons because they don’t like a bike on the road. One guy hit his brakes in front of me when i was doing 60kmh downhill. It forced me to veer into the incoming lane. The other skimmed me at 80kmh. Share the roads and get a life. You don’t have to drive everywhere at 100kmh.

  2. Therese

    Going back a few years now my sons mate was travelling down one of these roads near Deans Marsh, came around a blind corner to find multiple bike riders in the middle of the road. No lead or follow-up vehicle. He took evasive action which resulted in him rolling his vehicle. His action saved the lives of many, and fortunately he wasn’t hurt. And what was their thanks…they laughed. A pity the farmer in the paddock nearby who witnessed it all didn’t report it.

  3. Denise

    It’s the same on Forest to Skenes Creek Road….absolute nightmare!

  4. Annie Krueger

    Absolutely agree! These back roads between Dean Marsh & Lorne are so narrow & there is barely enough car driving safety & visibility around those corners. Land of the law has not created bicycle lanes on these roads so stick to Bike Paths only. Eg Bright Vic has it together!

  5. Robert

    I have almost cleaned up a pair on that road in December, I met them on a bend and had to hit the brakes, they refused to let me overtake them, in the end I finished up with 3 cars banked up behind when we all eventually overtook them the middle fingers went up, next time I will lean on the horn until they more they are arrogant and dangerous