Pilot captures beautiful Colac

Three planes from The Royal Australian Air Force’s No.2 Operational Conversion Unit flew over Colac during a debut flight of the F-35 fighter planes. RAAF pilot Phil Eldridge was able to capture the picturesque moment and he has shared the images with the Colac Herald.

Perfect weather conditions over Colac made it ideal for a RAAF pilot to photograph the region’s landscape during a debut flight of the air force’s latest aircraft.

Royal Australian Air Force pilot Phil Eldridge flew an Australian air force Hornet F/A-18A aircraft alongside the air force’s new F-35 fighter planes during the Avalon Air Show.

Squadron Leader Eldridge captured a picturesque shot of the new planes and Colac while flying five kilometres south of Colac and 6000 feet above sea level.

Squadron Leader Eldridge’s wife Trina, nee Tonkin, grew up in Colac and still has family in the area including her parents Mike and Val, the Rogers and Spence families.

The experienced pilot, who is a RAAF senior instructor, said flying alongside the new aircraft was “awesome”.

“It’s a clear jump in technology which was amazing to see up close and airborne,” he said

“The two guys flying them are both very good friends of mine who flew it out from the United States, so it was great.

“It was just lucky the weather was clear in Colac because the rest of the state was covered in cloud.”

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