Drive-by shooting rocks Colac street

A drive-by shooting at a Colac house could have been a targeted attack, police say.

Neighbours called police after a car stopped outside a home in Wilson Street on Friday night, someone fired a shot into the home, and the car sped off.

Senior Detective Mick Palmer said the car, possibly a grey Ford sedan, pulled up outside a house in Wilson Street, west of the Queen Street intersection, about 10.40pm.

“One shot was discharged from a firearm,” Det Palmer said.

“The shot penetrated the front lounge room window of the house and went into the house,” he said.

“The car then took off up Wilson Street.”

Multiple neighbours heard the shot and called police, who attended the scene.

Det Palmer said police believed only one person lived in the house, and the resident was not at home at the time of the incident.

“No one was injured as a result,” he said.

Det Palmer said police believed the incident could have been a targeted attack.

“The occupier of the premises has been reluctant to assist police with their inquiries,” he said.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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7 Responses to “Drive-by shooting rocks Colac street”

  1. Phil Alexander

    Let’s agree to disagree Citizen. It’s just a pity you have such a low opinion of people who are suffering hard times. Also, if your work precludes you revealing your name perhaps you should consider keeping such opinions to yourself.

  2. Citizen

    Phil Alexander if you must know my work precludes me from associating my name with criticism of the community service industry, but rest assured if I was shot at I would happily provide whatever details the police requested of me. Perhaps my phrasing was harsh but my point stands; crime is reduced when people cooperate with police fully, and rural towns often lack critical resources to resolve disadvantage hence creating slums is a terrible solution. No backtracking there mate, if you have any reasonable objection to my point happy to hear, it but if the best you can do is suggest that I dont have the guts to be a true keyboard warrior and give my full name I would suggest you are covering for not having a leg to stand on when you read a reasonable argument that has upset you with its wording.

  3. Phil Alexander

    Citizen, may be you are trying to cover your tracks, after all you are the one who used the term “criminal low life” to describe the person who wouldn’t cooperate with police. First, how do you know this person is a criminal low life and secondly why haven’t you got the guts to give your name when making such an allegation.
    And lastly, knowing the mug who fired the shot is still out there, surely you can appreciate that the victim may be reluctant to say who did it, assuming they knew, for fear of retribution.

  4. Citizen

    Phil Alexander, I am concerned that you have completely missed the point of my comments. I agree entirely that people experiencing disadvantage require assistance, my point is that forcing them into slums in rural towns that do not have the facilities they require is a recipe for generational povery, not a solution. I would also suggest that there is a pretty significant difference between expressing an opinion anonymously and refusing to cooperate with police.

  5. Phil Alexander

    Citizen, you have the temerity to criticise a victim who is reluctant to help police after they had been shot and yet you don’t have the courage to give your name. Disadvantaged people need assistance from government and the community in general. Your attitude is to put poor people in someone else’s back yard. They need help to get back on their feet, not be treated like they have the plague!

    • Andy

      I agree with citizen: Colac should be a gated community to keep the lowlife out ..

  6. Citizen

    “The occupier of the premises has been reluctant to assist police with their inquiries” really? Exactly what kind of criminal low life refuses to cooperate with police after being shot at? I call for anti slum laws in colac, we all know the ‘trouble’ spots in this town, lets call on the shire to ban the so called ‘community housing’, housing commission and rental slums in this town, it is not appropriate to put disadvantaged people in a small country town where they cannot access the support services available in larger cities like Geelong and the residents if this town deserve better.