Roos reveal strip for mental health clash

South Colac football officials have revealed the green-and-white uniform the club will wear during its mental health awareness clash, with the motto “stigma stops with me”.

South Colac Football Club has revealed its alternate uniform that the Roos will wear during their inaugural mental health awareness clash this season.

Club president Ryan Fennell said Colac Imperials president Tim Hassett and footballer Brandon Aranyosi had offered to help out, with their business Sporting Club Assist donating the jumpers and creating the design.

The design swaps the Roos’ usual blue stripes with green, the colour which symbolises mental health, while adding the motto “stigma stops with me” on the front.

The Roos announced in November they would host a mental health awareness clash in 2017, following a push from footballer Nick Cole, who opened up to the Colac Herald about his own battle with depression.

The mental health clash is likely to be on May 6, when the Roos host Simpson at Elliminyt’s Joiner Reserve.

“The day is just about increasing awareness, when Nick came up with the idea it was something we really wanted to get behind and support him,” Fennell said.

“There are thousands of people in this community with stories like Nick’s but you don’t often hear about them and that’s the message we’re trying to get out there, that they’re not alone,” he said.

“Tim Hassett approached me and said he wanted to get involved, and his business will donate the uniforms and they did the design which everyone thought looked fantastic.”

Fennell said that at this stage only the club’s senior footballers would wear the uniforms, with the possibility of expanding into the lower grades and netball teams.

He said the players would then have the opportunity to buy the jumpers, with all proceeds going to charity.

“We’ll auction off the ones that don’t get bought, but I think every player will be keen to keep those jumpers,” Fennell said.

“They’re pretty special for us so I think they’ll all get snapped up,” he said.

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