Hate mail attack surprises driver

Cow Lick Bookshop’s Neal Drinnan received an abusive letter from an anonymous person who claimed he was driving too slowly in Colac.

A Colac man is puzzled after receiving “hate mail” slandering him for driving at 40 kilometres an hour near two schools.

Cow Lick Bookshop owner Neal Drinnan received an anonymous letter at work that attacked him for driving at a safe speed on Gravesend Street from Elliminyt to Colac.

The stretch of road includes a 40kmh school zone outside Elliminyt Primary School, a separate school crossing near Colac Secondary College, bus stops, and driveways for homes, sporting facilities, industrial sites and Colac Cemetery.

The anonymous letter writer claimed to have been stuck in a row of vehicles behind Mr Drinnan’s work car, at 9.05am on February 2 – which was the first week of school for 2017.

The letter writer claimed the vehicle drove at 40kmh in a 60kmh zone, “causing obstruction to the string of vehicles travelling behind it”.

“There would seem to be only be two reasons for causing such an obstruction – either the driver was physically and or mentally incapable of confidently driving any faster or else it was a deliberate attempt to invoke road rage,” the letter said.

Mr Drinnan said he was simply driving safely in a busy area close to schools, and was shocked to receive an abusive letter.

“Until 9.30am it’s still a school zone. It’s not a road that you’d want people speeding on,” he said.

Mr Drinnan said it shocked him that someone would go to the effort of venting their road rage in a letter.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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4 Responses to “Hate mail attack surprises driver”

  1. Juggy

    Okay… So this morning I turned on to Main St off Irrewillipe Rd and got stuck behind a couple of cars doing 50 after the school zone. I think it took maybe an extra 5-10 seconds to get to the traffic islands at Wilson St. Devastating really. ??

  2. Juggy

    There’s a lot of people around this town who don’t seem to able to read ‘School Zone’ signs… I see it everyday in Armstrong St between Hearn & Pound. There’s also a lot of people that don’t know what a STOP sign is at Armstrong & Pound. Sadly this includes a lot of well known people and bus drivers. Hardly a day goes by without a near miss, so its only a matter of time until there is a connection.
    Council have been made aware of this by myself in the past and more recently and is going to looked at sometime.

  3. Sparkie

    If I ever get worked up about something, I usually check all my facts before going on about it, as there’s nothing more awkward than being proved wrong when you’re venting! The effort this anonymous person went to is puzzling to me, as I certainly wouldn’t go to the effort of typing something, then (the cost of) printing it out, then (the cost of) driving to the shop and slipping it under the door (and driving home) without FACT CHECKING first! How embarrassing for this poor, blinkered, self centred, law breaking whinger…

    • Juggy

      Who ever it was mist have more spare time than me! LoL
      Sometimes after I drop my kids at school, I’ll go for a drive around town which happens to take in a couple of school zones, with Elliminyt being 1 area and you can guarantee that there will be someone (often people I know) speeding either through the zone or towards it… probably because they can’t get the kids ready in time and are running late. Well they’ll be running late if they have an accident. Idiots!