Passengers miss out on extra Sunday train

Colac will only receive 10 extra train services a week, not the promised 12.

Colac will only receive 10 extra train services a week, not the promised 12.

V-Line will introduce new train services on the Warrnambool line in 10 days, giving Colac four services each way on weekdays, but still only three return services on Sundays.

The State Government in April last year announced 12 additional services for the route, one additional train each way on weekdays and one on Sundays.

But the additional service on Sundays would only replace an existing coach service between Warrnambool and Geelong.

Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan had told the Colac Herald last year that the Sunday service would be an additional service and wouldn’t replace bus services along the route.

Polwarth MP Mr Riordan said he was disappointed to hear that Colac’s train passengers wouldn’t have the choice of four services on weekends.

“It’s very disappointing, it’s smoke and mirrors, there’s a lot of talk of what they’re trying to do for the Warrnambool line and the reality is just not matching the rhetoric,” he said.

“We’re seeing that with the rail crossing replacements they’re not being completed as quick as they said they would and they’ve got this continual slowness and it’s a growing frustration from people.”

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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One Response to “Passengers miss out on extra Sunday train”

  1. Phil Alexander

    The hide of Liberal politicians. Terry Mulder was the local Liberal member for years and did next to nothing to improve the Warrnambool train service. Labor promises 12 extra services but delivers 10. That’s 10 more services delivered than by the former Napthine Government.
    Mr. Riordan should be rejoicing that 10 extra services have been delivered instead of playing mean-spirited politics.
    His party certainly has nothing to crow about in this area.
    And it’s not like the Colac Herald to turn a positive story about the Labor Government delivering services into a negative one, is it?