New outlook for mum after beating tumour

Kim Cameron was diagnosed with a brain tumour while pregnant with her son Abel.

Colac’s Kim Cameron received a tumour diagnosis during her third pregnancy, but says a lot of good has come out of her situation.

The mother of four said she was 13 weeks pregnant with her son Abel when she began to feel ill with symptoms including dizziness and began treatment for vertigo, a misdiagnosis of a brain tumour encased in a cyst.

“After a little while I started losing a bit of function in my left side, I couldn’t move my left hand and just started spewing a lot because it was affecting my balance,” she said.

“It made me feel really sick because I was unbalanced all the time, I couldn’t walk straight and then I started speaking really slowly,” she said.

Kim said a specialist treated her for vertigo for about eight weeks, but it “got to the stage I wasn’t getting any better”.

“After about eight to nine weeks I just said ‘look I need to see someone else’ and went and saw a neurologist in Geelong.”

Kim said she was booked in for an MRI scan three days after her initial consultation and received her diagnosis that afternoon.

“When he told me we were in Geelong and my husband had to go and pay for parking so I was in there alone, and he said ‘you’ve got a brain tumour’,” she said.

“I was going through it all in my head and was trying to figure out what it meant and the first thing I thought was ‘who’s going to look after the kids’.

“And he’s like ‘the kids will be fine, you need to pack your bags and get to hospital tonight, it needs to come out’.

“Then my husband came back in and the doctor retold him and I just remember seeing his face and as soon as I saw his face I thought maybe it’s more serious than I was thinking.”

Kim said it was a shock to hear she had a brain tumour and found the reality sinking in when she began telling friends and family.
“Once I started telling people I started to get a bit emotional,” she said.

“I was thinking about my kids and ‘oh I might not make it’,” she said.

“But, I think I held myself pretty well, I was like right, we just need to get through it and hopefully it will all be okay.”

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