FUNDING LOSS: Colac health service faces $200,000 cut

COLAC AREA HEALTH’s chief says he has received confirmation it will face almost $200,000 in Federal Government funding cuts to the service.

But Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson has denied any cuts, claiming CAH should not have expected the funding despite its previous approval.

The Colac Herald reported on Wednesday that Labor candidate Libby Coker was concerned that a Federal Government decision would cut funding to Victoria’s health services.

Colac Area Health chief executive officer Geoff Iles told the Herald last week that he was yet to receive advice about cuts to health funding.

But Mr Iles said he received advice on Tuesday night that there would be $199,000 cut from the health service.

He said funding reforms from the previous Labor Government established a “purchasing authority” with an administrator who decided the distribution of funds to State Governments.

Mr Iles said the administrator had agreed to Victoria’s counting method, allowing for $73 million in federal funding, but then reversed that decision causing the shortfall.

“The board does have a set of principles that addresses these things and it will make a determination on how they are going to deal with that and they’ll tell the minister and the secretary what their plans are,” he said.

Mr Iles said the board would discuss their funding options at a board meeting on February 29.

Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson told the Colac Herald this week that Victoria receiving $73 million would reduce growth funding to other States and Territories.

But Mr Iles said that claim was “a bit unfair” and the issue was “a lot more complex than that”.

Ms Coker raised concerns about the funding cuts with the Colac Herald last week stating that the cuts would equal cuts to 497 emergency department presentations or 32 elective surgeries.

She said Victoria would also lose another $36.6 million every year into the future.

3 Responses to “FUNDING LOSS: Colac health service faces $200,000 cut”

  1. Boden

    Our local health service provides a fantastic service. The Cancer Treatment Centre is a terrific example of a community funded centre and I understand no government money is involved. My question is “will the hospital be able to afford to provide the service now that another $200,000 is being taken off them?” How much support have our local politicians given those involved?
    How many more services will we lose – it seems it’s the smaller hospitals that bear the greatest burden – where’s the voice of support from our politicians? Is it Colac’s voice in Canberra or Canberra’s voice in Colac? That’s the question

  2. Phil Alexander

    I think Ms Henderson needs to be informed about some facts which she appears not to know which is surprising given she is a member of the Turnbull government.
    The TURNBULL LIBERAL/NATIONAL GOVERNMENT just cut $73 million from the Victorian hospital budget. Over the next ten years they are planning to cut $17.7 BILLION from the Victorian health budget!
    The $200,000 cut to the Colac Health Service is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Sarah Henderson has the audacity to tell the Colac community that it is not a cut.
    Shame on her.

  3. Juggy

    That’s disgusting! The health system is under enough pressure as is, they don’t need anymore.
    How about the darn politicians (at all levels) start taking a pay cuts, I think about half the pay and entitlements would be a good start. The position they are in is an honour not some corporate ladder.