Thieves steal baker’s dough

Colac’s Thwaites Bakehouse co-owner Mark Thwaites said he was shocked to find burglars had broken into his bakery and stolen money.

A COLAC bakery owner is counting his losses after burglars stole money from his Murray Street business.

Thwaites Bakehouse co-owner Mark Thwaites said his workers discovered the break-in early yesterday.

“They came in about 3.45am to find the back door smashed up,” Mr Thwaites said.

“Whoever’s done it has come around the back, cut open a steel bar and smashed a couple of doors to get into the office, it’s not good at all,” he said.

“They took an amount of cash and that’s it.”

But Mr Thwaites said the burglars left a clue behind about what time they broke in to the bakery.

“We’re pretty sure it was around 10pm, because they knocked over a clock on their way through and it had stopped at 10:00 – so at least we know that,” he said.

“So if anyone saw anything around then, including out the back near Scott Street, that’d be good to know about.”

Mr Thwaites’ grandfather James Thwaites opened the bakehouse more than 100 years ago.

He said more than two decades had passed since thieves last targeted the business.

“It’s been quite a long time since we had anything like this happen, it’s have to be around 25 years or so,” Mr Thwaites said.

“All you can do in these situations is secure your place as well as possible and hope that people don’t get away with things like this,” he said.

The incident is the latest in a string of thefts across Colac and district, including burglaries of private properties, shops and health services.

Colac police have arrested one man for burglary and two men for handling stolen goods, but are chasing more people responsible for the spree.

Police are investigating the burglary at the bakery and urged people with information to contact the Colac Police Station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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