Teenager ninjas will fight cancer

Colac Teenage Ninjas Nicole Marshall, left, and Jessi Kerr will participate in Colac’s Relay for Life to raise money for cancer research and are pictured in their ninja costumes at work at Colac’s Red Rooster.

A TEAM of teenage ninjas has formed in Colac to help fight cancer.

Thirteen Colac teens will dress in their best ninja outfits and join Colac’s Relay for Life event for the Cancer Council.

Teenage Ninja Jordan Nelson, 16, said each member of the team had personal reasons for walking in the relay.

Jordan, a Trinity College student, said he would walk for his mother Jodie, who died from a brain tumour in 2009.

“For me, it was more just a way of paying tribute to my mum but at the same time raising any money for it would be really good,” he said.

“I’ve sort of wanted to do it for the last few years but there was no-one else to do it with, so it’s a really good opportunity to do it now.”

Jordan said the ninjas had a fundraising target of $1000 for the two-day event, which starts on February 25.

“I’m fairly sure we’ll get that,” he said.

His fellow ninja Jessi Kerr, 16, said her teammates were excited about the relay.

“We’ve got two ninja costumes that we’re going to wear and everyone’s going to wear their shirts for the relay or they’re going to have costumes they’re going to try and find,” Jessi said.

“We saw a poster and we thought it’d be a good idea,” she said.

“Everyone was really wanting to do it.”

Jessi said cancer had claimed her grandmother and great aunt.

“So I really want to do it for them,” she said.

Jessi said Colac businesses had been generous with donations for the team.

“We need to do at least 300 laps, then we get $450 if we do that,” she said.

“We’ve just been wearing our costumes to work and we’ve got plans to do street walking in our shirts and raise some money.

“Everyone thought we were wearing pyjamas at first, but once they knew what we were doing, they were quite happy to donate.”

Colac’s Relay for Life will be at Central Reserve, and cancer survivors and carers will walk the first lap of the oval before an afternoon tea.

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