Sun sets on annual Colac festival

ORGANISERS have cancelled this year’s Colac’s country music, truck and ute festival due to a lack of volunteers.

The Colac Country Music Festival and Truck and Ute Show would have been in its 19th year this month.

But festival secretary Merryl Hill said the committee was unable to find enough volunteers to help.

“Our committee dwindled down and it was left to three or four people to do and it’s a big job,” Mrs Hill said.

“Last year there were about six people but the hardest thing was the setting up,” she said.

“We’re all in our 60s and we’re down there on the Saturday afternoon trying to set up tents and shades and all sorts of things, and it’s just too hard.”

Mrs Hill said she was disappointed Colac wouldn’t have a country music, truck and ute show.

“I just think it’s a shame, and I know it’s not just our event that falls apart because you can’t get the help,” she said.

Last year’s show attracted about 1200 people to Colac Showgrounds.

Mrs Hill said she was unsure if the festival would return next year and organisers would discuss a possible comeback if enough people volunteered.

“It’s not a matter of if you like country music or not, it’s a matter of ‘hey, this is really good for our town’ and we’ve let it go,” she said.

“People stayed over at motels and caravan parks and went to restaurants and things; even though it was a one-day festival, people came for the weekend.

“So it’s a real shame that it’s had to be disbanded.”

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  1. greg

    I will help, just moved here from safety beach, happy to help