Roos’ coach will have her hands full

New South Colac A Grade coach Leanne Monaghan with young Roos Kate Mulgrew, Mikayla Rye, Janelle Monaghan, Cassie Karacsay, Edwina Parker, Erin McKean and Sarah Mulgrew.

SOUTH Colac’s Leanne Monaghan will have her hands full when Colac district netball returns in April.

Last year’s Roo’s netball president has taken on A Grade coaching duties after Tahnee Monteith decided to step aside.

The Roos have lost Monteith, Rachel Baker, Emily Dooley and Ebony Piera from last year’s senior playing list and will rely on talented juniors to help fill the void.

Monaghan, a former A Grade and current C Grade player, said South Colac had the players to continue to challenge for finals after the Roos finished second last year.

“It will mean there’s a great opportunity there this year, which I thought might have been there last year as well, for our juniors to step up,” she said.

“We’ve had a very successful junior crew over the last few years and the opportunity is there for those girls to step up and be part of the A team.”

Monaghan said taking on coaching duties at a club full of experienced netball people was an easy decision.

“The opportunity arose and there were no other applications really, although we had a couple of things in the wind that didn’t pan out,” she said.

“I always intended to do it at some stage and the opportunity was there so I thought I may as well take it on.

“There’s a good group of past senior players at the club that can help out and it looks like Lynda Foley will assist me throughout the year.”

Roos 17-and-under players Tegan McNamara, Janelle Monaghan and Edwina Parker could have senior game time this season.

“They’ve all got the potential and the ability to do it,” Monaghan said of South Colac’s junior playing stocks.

“There’s a few of the senior group around that will help them move into that role,” she said.

“Certainly my aim will be to at least make finals and I don’t see why we can’t do that.”

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