Return to art reaps rewards

Colac’s Pat Campigli says she loves discovering new landscapes to paint.

COLAC painter Pat Campigli can remember the first time she picked up a paintbrush.

“I’ve always loved to paint and my uncle was an artist – he bought me my first set of paints when I was eight years old and he took me out to paint with him,” Mrs Campigli said.

“Ever since then I’ve loved it, it’s something I’ve always had even if I wasn’t painting all of the time,” she said.

Mrs Campigli said sharing farming duties with her husband John at their Weering property, north of Colac, had left little time for her hobby.

“I took some time off from painting during those years because I was so busy on the farm, the last thing you think about doing is stopping to paint,” she said.

“But when we moved off the farm I had more time on my hands, and my friend told me I should enter some art in the Birre show,” she said.

“So I did and I didn’t do too badly, and then later I went in the Coragamarah Art Prize as well.

“You don’t paint to enter shows, but I really think that if you don’t exhibit now and then you don’t improve, because it gives you a new perspective on your work.”

Mrs Campigli said she enjoyed exploring to find inspiration for her landscape paintings.

“For me, being outside and painting off the scene is the best way to do it, it helps me get the colours and the shades right,” she said.

“I find I do a lot of it when we’re travelling on holidays, so I’ll go somewhere and sit for a few hours and paint.

“That’s why I’ve got a lot of paintings of scenes from around the Northern Territory, because we went there and I’d just sit and paint every now and then.”

Mrs Campigli said she had also started experimenting with watercolours.

“It’s something new I’m dabbling in, but it’s been fun,” she said.

“We’re really into dogs so I’ve painted a lot of our pets in watercolour, and I’ve painted friends’ pets for them too.

“It’s all part of doing something you enjoy.”

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