Police appeal for community vigilance

COLAC police want people to stop giving thieves an easy ride.

Senior Sergeant Ken Slingsby of Colac police said Colac’s string of burglaries and thefts from cars had slowed down, but he encouraged residents to remain vigilant.

“It’s pleasing to see that our uniformed members and our detectives have worked together really well to find some of the people responsible, and they’ll be continuing that work,” Sen Sgt Slingsby said.

“But people play a big role in preventing that sort of crime as well,” he said.

“We don’t want Colac to become an easy target with people travelling here from out of town because they know people in Colac don’t lock up,” he said.

Sen Sgt Slingsby’s calls follow a new police campaign encouraging rail passengers to secure their cars at regional train stations.

Victoria Police has teamed up with V-Line to urge commuters to remove valuables from their vehicles.

“Theft from parked vehicles is essentially an opportunistic crime – preventing this crime is as simple as ensuring a vehicle is locked at all times and that all valuables are removed,” Inspector Brendan McCrory of the transit safety division said.

“Thieves are looking through car windows to spot any goods such as coins, laptops, GPS units, mobile phones, credit cards, shopping, tools and electrical goods,” he said.

“If they can’t see anything, they’ll simply move on.”

V-Line chief Rob Barnet said simple safety measures could save Colac commuters from stress.

“Our regional commuters often leave their vehicles for long periods of time at railway station car parks,” Mr Barnett said.

“After a long day at work, the last thing our customers want is to return to their vehicle to find they have been the victim of a theft.”


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