Images stick and become paintings

Colac’s Gavan Serle encouraged budding painters to pick up a paintbrush.

GAVAN Serle says his paintings begin with images that he struggles to shake from his mind.

“I’ll see something and if it sticks in my head long enough, the only way to get it out is to put it on canvas,” Serle said.

“That’s how I started painting, I remember I saw a sail outline in an America’s Cup logo many years ago, and I kept doodling it until I finally painted it,” the Colac artist said.

“But my paintings always come from multiple images and it all comes together to make something different.”

Serle’s first painting of a boat with a red sail flowing in the wind takes pride of place at his Colac home.

“It’s far from perfect, but I’ll never change it and I’ll never sell it because it’s my first one, and I’ve learnt a lot since then,” he said.

Serle said his paintings often featured water and the environment, but he also received inspiration from sport.

“I’m part of Colac Cricket Club and often I’ll see something and just start drawing it on whatever scrap of paper I have lying around, so sometimes I’ll draw some of the players or whatever’s going on around me,” he said.

Serle said he enjoyed experimenting with colours and textures.

“I use pallete knives to create different textures in the water or the sand, it gives it a different feel,” he said.

“I usually work on a few different paintings at once too, so by the time I finish one I’ve already started on the next.”

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