Police investigation after skull discovery

DETECTIVES are investigating a possible murder after a farmer found a human skull and bones in the Colac district.

The farmer made the grim discovery on the shore of Cundare Pool at Cundare, about 30 kilometres north of Colac.

Police collected a human skull and at least eight other bones from the site on Friday.

An anthropologist from Aboriginal Affairs Victoria travelled to Cundare to assess the bones.

The Colac Herald believes the anthropologist’s report found the bones were inconsistent with an Aboriginal burial site.

Detective Sergeant Peter Griffiths of Colac Criminal Investigation Unit said police took the human remains to Melbourne for further testing.

“The bones are going to the Coroner’s Court where there is an anthropologist who will carry out the required tests to find the possible age and gender of the bones, so any determinations will be made after those tests,” Det Griffiths said.

“At this early stage we don’t know how long the bones have been there for, and whether they’ve been recently washed up or exposed for a while,” he said.

Det Griffiths said a farmer reported the bones to Colac Police Station. “The call came through and from that point on we had a police officer at the site, including through the night, to ensure the site was secure,” he said.

Det Griffiths said Melbourne homicide detectives would lead the investigation.

Cundare Pool is a salt lake connected to Lake Martin, near Corangamite Lake Road.

Police have encouraged anyone with information on the bones to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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