Henderson makes another Corangamite bid

Sarah Henderson will nominate for Liberal pre-selection in the Federal electorate of Corangamite.

COLAC and district voters could have a familiar face campaigning for the seat of Corangamite at the next federal election.

Former Liberal candidate for Corangamite Sarah Henderson yesterday confirmed she would contest the party’s pre-selection for the seat, which is one of the most marginal in Australia

Ms Henderson, who lost her 2010 campaign to Labor member Darren Cheeseman, joins Gherang’s Rod Nockles as a Liberal pre-selection candidate.

“When the Liberal Party opens up the seat for pre-selection, which I expect will be before the middle of the year, I will be nominating,” Ms Henderson said.

“The decision as to who will be the Liberals’ candidate in Corangamite then is very much in the hands of Liberal Party members,” she said.

Ms Henderson said she was determined to reverse her 2010 fortunes, which saw her gain 44 per cent of the primary vote, compared with Mr Cheeseman’s 39 per cent, only to fall behind after the distribution of preferences.

“The people of Corangamite deserve a strong and much more effective representative than the current Labor member,” Ms Henderson said.

“During the last election campaign, we worked extremely hard to stand up for local communities, to make important commitments and to be a strong, local voice for the Corangamite electorate,” she said.

“If the Liberal Party again pre-selects me, I look forward to working extremely hard to win the seat and to better represent the needs of the Corangamite electors.”

Mr Nockles said the substance of the Liberal Party’s pending campaign was more important that who was behind it.

“I am looking forward to the pre-selection and anybody who wishes to nominate is free to do so,” Mr Nockles said.

“What is absolutely vital is we run a genuine, grassroots campaign and make sure that we win the seat,” he said.

“It’s important that we get the very best candidate and commitment to run a grassroots campaign.”

3 Responses to “Henderson makes another Corangamite bid”

  1. jessicalasnick

    good on sarah for trying – hard work and dedication is what we need in a leader… im not too worried on who to vote for atm – they are all seemingly the same…

  2. Wayne

    Henderson had everything in her favour last time to beat a weak incumbent.
    She self-destructed and doesn’t deserve another crack.
    It’s time both parties sought fresh candidates that genuinely want to represent the people of Corangamite.
    Both Henderson and Cheeseman would be Canberra’s representatives in Corangamite. It should be the other way

    • Mike

      You are dam right Wayne. Henderson had her opportunity and blew it, so let’s move on.