Driver home after dramatic crash

A YouTube video captures Jason Kavanagh's spectacular crash.

MELBOURNE speedway driver Jason Kavanagh has returned home from hospital after a spectacular crash at Simpson Speedway.

Kavanagh, who was contesting Simpson’s Trevor Podger Memorial when he crashed, suffered bruising to his lung and bleeding behind his eyes.

An air ambulance transported Kavanagh to Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital and doctors released him back to his Melton home, in outer Melbourne, after observation.

The popular Super Rod veteran said he was happy to return home to his wife Julie and daughter Meghan.

“I’ve got a bit of bruising to my lung from the impact of the seat belt,” he said.

“And I’ve got a pair of black eyes from the pressure build up and the trauma across my eyes and that.

“There’s no back pain, no neck pain and I’m just really thankful that I’ve got a good strong car, a good seat, a good neck restraint and a good helmet.”

Watch Jason Kavanagh’s crash on YouTube

Click to watch the crash in real time and then go forward to the five-minute mark to see it again in slow motion.

Kavanagh clipped one of Winchlesea driver Geoff Leigh’s rear tyres during heat one at Simpson on Saturday and went end-over-end “seven or eight times” before coming to a halt.

“I was fully conscious during the whole crash, I didn’t black out or anything,” Kavanagh said of the incident.

“When I went over the back of Geoff’s wheel I wasn’t expecting the crash to be so big, I didn’t expect the seven or eight end-over-ends that’s for sure.

“It was probably the biggest accident I’ve had in my 20-odd years of racing.

“But that’s part of racing to have a crash like that and I feel very lucky that we build our own race cars and know how strong our race cars are.”

Kavanagh said he hoped to return to the track in the coming weeks and said he wanted to thank everyone involved in his crash rescue.

“I’d just like to thank the Simpson Speedway Club; I really appreciate the efforts of their president Ken Buck, George Woolstencroft and the Simpson committee,” he said.

“They were excellent in really looking aftermyself and my wife and daughter.

“And the ambulance guys at the track and the volunteers, they’ve just done everything spot on.”

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