Destroyed seal ‘was at end of life’

Apollo Bay seals are biting harbour visitors.

AUTHORITIES say a fur seal they euthanased at Apollo Bay was “in poor health and at the end of its life cycle”.

A Department of Sustainability and Environment wildlife officer destroyed the seal “humanely” at Apollo Bay’s boat ramp.

DSE compliance officer Stan Williams said a veterinarian assessed the seal and found its health had deteriorated and it had become increasingly aggressive.

“It was found to be in poor health and at the end of its life cycle,” Mr Williams said.

“Age and poor health had impacted on its ability to feed in the wild, resulting in weight loss and poor condition,” he said.

“Supplementary feeding at the fish station changed the seal’s natural behaviour and it became increasingly aggressive as it demanded more food.”

The Colac Herald last week reported that seals had bitten three people at the Apollo Bay harbour.

Mr Williams said the euthanased seal had also jumped into a fishing boat looking for food “frightening the occupants who had to abandon the boat”.

“The DSE reminds beach users to keep their distance from seals and to avoid feeding them,” Mr Williams said.

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