Couple together for seven decades

Apollo Bay residents Dot and Alex Sykes have spent 75 years together.

APOLLO Bay’s Dot and Alex Sykes say acceptance is the key to a long and happy marriage, and they should know after more than seven decades together.

Mr and Mrs Sykes have been married for 71 years, and together for 75 years.

The couple spent time apart during Mr Sykes’ four years away at war in New Guinea.

Mrs Sykes offered her advice to other couples on Valentine’s Day yesterday.

“Accept a person as they are,” she said.

“You can never change another.

“Love them and tell them you love them every day, even if they can’t hear you.

“Nothing else matters, for as long as there is love and hope it will see you through.”

The Otway Health and Community Services residents also recalled one of the “happiest days” of their marriage, when Alex met his son for the first time after the war.

“I was pushing Colin, our seven-month-old baby that Alex had not seen given he was away at war,” Mrs Sykes said.

“Seeing Alex when he first laid eyes on Colin was one of the happiest days of our life,” she said.

“He nursed him all night long.”

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