Colac theatre group on national stage

Colac actor Andrew Jansen will be on stage in the new Antz Pantz Arts production Con Artists – Faking it in the Gallery.

COLAC’s Antz Pantz Arts theatre troupe will debut its latest production on a national stage this week.

The self-funded drama group will perform its original play Con Artists – Faking it in the Gallery at Australia’s largest conference for people with disabilities.

The 2012 Having a Say Conference will be at Deakin University’s Geelong Waterfront Campus from Wednesday to Friday, with the Antz Pantz performance on Thursday.

Antz Pantz Arts’ Cherise Jettner said the drama troupe formed more than a decade ago and had been performing at the national conference for the past seven years.

Antz Pantz Arts troupe member Matthew McKay will perform at the Having a Say conference at Geelong this week.

“We take an ensemble approach and the members of the troupe are very part of writing the play,” she said.

“We create a scene and vote on it and everyone creates their own character and what issues they’ll be dealing with.”

Ms Jettner said she and Lorraine Henkel co-directed the group’s plays and “weaved the characters and ideas into a creative-inspired performance”.

She said they also worked “behind the scenes” with Colac district artist Barry Mousley to create the sets for each show.

Ms Jettner said the short play focused on “a misguided art student, a crooked art gallery owner and a ring of evil art dudes” who proved bad choices could lead to a waste of creative talents and loss of exciting opportunities.

“Let our cast of colourful characters including famous artists, devious art staff, zany art students and a wild homeless art teacher humour and intrigue you with their insights,” she said.

Ms Jettner said the Antz Pantz drama troupe was part of the Colac Neighbourhood House, where it had rehearsal space and members’ ages ranged from 18 to about 55.

“They’re a wonderful team of people.”

Ms Jettner said the group would follow this week’s show with its first performance at the new Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery at Cororooke, north of Colac.

She said Antz Pantz Arts would entertain schoolchildren, seniors and the wider community at three presentations of Con Artists – Faking it in the Gallery on February 23.

Ms Jettner said community groups could invite the troupe to perform its new play by contacting her at the neighbourhood house.




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  1. Lee Bryant

    Isn’t that just great! It makes you proud to live in a community that has people so talented and dedicated to those with disabilities.We need to see a lot more good news stories across the media.