Colac model second in Facebook contest

Colac’s Kailee Foley has entered an online competition to become the “face” of a Sydney clothing label.

ASPIRING Colac model Kailee Foley’s bid to become the “face” of a clothing label is maintaining momentum.

Ms Foley is coming second in a Facebook contest to model for Sydney online clothing label Viparo.

People have until Friday to vote for Ms Foley by clicking “like” on her entry photo on the social networking site.

Ms Foley, who is a law clerk at Clarke and Barwood Lawyers has more than 1000 votes, putting her ahead of about 100 hopefuls.

“It’s going really good, I’m still in second place so I’m very, very happy and very grateful,” Ms Foley said.

“I’m just getting so much help from everyone and even strangers,” she said.

Ms Foley said the leading contestant was ahead by about 600 “likes”.

“What happens is they pick the top five or 10 who have the most likes and then the judges decide from there,” she said.

“So I still have a chance even if I’m second.”

Click here to “like” Ms Foley’s entry on Viparo’s Facebook page.

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