Colac group touches people’s lives

Colac Cancer Support Group founders Faye Gordon, Helen Baggott and Lorraine Mahoney.

THREE Colac women knew a cancer support group would touch people’s lives when they started it 10 years ago.

Colac Cancer Support Group members have gathered to reflect on the group’s 10th anniversary, and founders Lorraine Mahoney, Faye Gordon and Helen Baggott said the group was just as relevant now as it was a decade ago.

“We started the group because we wanted to be supportive of one another, we knew it was important,” Mrs Mahoney said.

“It was for people with cancer, recovering from cancer as well as their carers and families – I was a carer after my husband was diagnosed 18 years ago,” she said.

“And we still meet up every Tuesday, people are sometimes surprised when we say we meet weekly, but cancer doesn’t just happen once a month and this way we’re always available if people need to talk.”

The group had a remembrance ceremony at Barongarook’s Anam Cara House, where people paid tribute to the group’s members who had died.

“It was a nice way to remember them and we lit candles for each person we’ve lost,” Mrs Mahoney said.

“And it was also a chance to look back on our 10 years,” she said.

“We had about five people turn up to that first meeting but we’ve had a lot more over the years, we had up to 26 members at one stage,” she said.

Mrs Mahoney said cancer wasn’t the only topic that dominated conversation at the group’s weekly meetings.

“We just have a good old chat,” Mrs Mahoney said.

“Some days we don’t talk about cancer at all and it’s become a nice friendship group to have,” she said.

The group meets at Colac’s Community Hub each Tuesday from 1pm.

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