Bowlers score first win of season

COLAC Two bowlers have enjoyed their first win of the season.

The win might have taken 17 weeks but Colac Two’s hard work and effort paid off against Winchelsea with a 115-63 victory.

Colac Two skippers Peter Cole, John Whitson and Will Collihole all won their rinks while Ray Hutchinson drew with Winchelsea’s David Littler on 20.

Cole defeated Evan Partridge, 35-15, Whitson beat Alan Murrell, 20-17, and Will Collihole proved too good for David Stephenson, 40-11.

Hutchinson said the 52-shot victory was a good reward for Colac Two.

“It was a good win, we were pleased to win it but we didn’t expect to win by that much,” he said.

“We didn’t go over the top but we were pleased to get a win and that’s a win and a draw for the year and we’ve got Camperdown Golf next week.”

Hutchinson said Colac Two, which had experienced second-half fadeouts during the season, pulled together as the match went on.

“We haven’t sort of let up really, we’ve been pretty competitive most times until lunchtime and then we were sort of going off,” he said.

“Whereas on Saturday we went the other way and it was a pretty good win overall.”

Colac Two might face relegation to Division Two next season but Corangamite Bowls officials are yet to decide whether to keep ten Division One teams.

Hutchinson said a return to Division Two might help Colac Two considering the demands of having two Division One teams at Colac.

“We’re not sure what’s happening, it could go back to eight sides and there’s a lot of the talk that’s going on,” he said.

“Maybe that would be better because I’m not sure this has worked because you have a tail in every division.

“And it’s hard when you have two teams in Division One; although we are a fairly big club it’s still hard to do.”

Hutchinson said Colac Two had worked hard in Saturday Pennant’s top division.

“At least we’ve been pretty competitive most of the year with a lot of teams and we should gain a lot of experience by that overall,” he said.

Meanwhile, City dented fourth-placed Apollo Bay’s finals aspirations, winning 124-72, and Central defeated Cobden, 116-90.

Colac One kept its finals hopes alive against Camperdown, winning 95-87.

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