Artists do better together

Winchelsea Riverlee Art Studio's Gibson, foreground, with fellow members from left, Sallie Fleet, Karina Tuck, Sandra Jones, Jill Treloar and Bev Jacobs.

MEMBERS of a Winchelsea art group say working together improves their painting.

Riverlee Art Studio member Faye Gibson said the group encouraged her to pick up a paintbrush after a 16-year break.

“I used to paint and draw quite a bit but then stopped because I was looking after a family and was kept pretty busy,” Ms Gibson said.

“But then five or so years ago the group convinced me to start painting again and I haven’t looked back,” she said.

“I paint mostly with oils but I’ve also discovered pastels and watercolours which I really enjoy too.”

The group’s founder Sandra Jones said it was important to foster the district’s creative talent.

“I had the idea that I could have a place where artists could go and work together, and the group came from that,” she said.

“Sometimes as artists you need other people to give you the push you need, so that’s what we do.”

Cressy’s Bev Jacobs said she joined the Winchelsea painting group a year ago.

“Before then I had always drawn and painted by myself, but painting in a group has given me more discipline to work at it and improve – the girls are great and there’s a real friendship there,” Ms Jacobs said.

Fellow Riverlee member Jill Treloar said the group enjoyed exhibiting works across the district.

“We’ve definitely evolved since we started about 10 years ago, we’re getting more professional and we’re only going to keep going,” Ms Treloar said.

“We all have our own styles and things that inspire us – I like to base a lot of my paintings on the environment, I used to grow native flowers so I paint a lot of those,” she said.

The group is preparing for its first exhibition at Colac Otway Performing Arts and Cultural Centre from March 2 to 16.

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