Twister rips through Colac street

Colac’s Graeme Dare climbs a ladder to inspect the damage on his roof after a “mini-twister” went through Nicholas Street.

COLAC’S Graeme Dare says he was sitting at home watching the cricket when a “mini-twister” ripped through his street.

The twister upended a trampoline and sat it against a house.

“I was minding my own business when I heard this roar, it sounded like a jet plane was flying low over the house,” Mr Dare said.

“I really did think it was just a plane, but then I went outside and there were tiles that had come off the roof, all the bins on the street were turned over, and the neighbours’ trampoline was uprooted,” he said.

Mr Dare said the strong wind had travelled south along Nicholas Street on Friday afternoon.

“It looks like it went right through our street then maybe disappeared,” he said.

“Our security light fell down too, so it looks like it’s going to be a bit of D.I.Y work for me to get it all fixed again, and make sure the roof has got all its tiles back up there.

“We’ve been here about 42 years and we’ve never seen anything like it.”

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